7 Steps To Take Following a Mortgage Loan Denial

When buying a home, a loan denial is a heartbreaking experience. There is no guarantee that your loan application will automatically be accepted. That is why mortgage borrowers should always hope for an approval while at the same time think of what they can do in case of a denial. The truth is that mortgage lenders deny between 10% and 15% of mortgage applications that they receive for one reason or the other. For anyone who is already fantasizing about the home they are about to buy, it is always a major blow finding out that you will not get a funding to purchase it after all. This, however, does not mean that you lose your faith in being a homeowner so soon. There is always a way out:

  1. Do not panic. Being turned down for a loan that you really need can cause some to panic, get stressed and even fall into depression. This will however not help much, which is why you need to take the news as calmly as possible. This is the only way you will be able to think of another way out.


  1. Plan not to give up. Many people will quickly accept their fate and move on with life. This is not the right thing to do though. Being denied a loan by one mortgage lender does not mean that all the others will deny you the loan. You can work to improve your application to ensure that you get an approval. That is why you need to purpose to try out again.


  1. Find out what caused your loan request to fail. This is the only way you can get back on the road to an approval. There are many reasons why a mortgage lender will deny your loan application. Find out what the reason was in your case, then work to make amends.


  1. Order for a credit report. This is because one’s credit is the main reason why many mortgage applicants are denied loans. Sometimes you may have bad credit without knowing it, which is why you need to know your credit before you start applying for a loan again.


  1. Now determine what it will take for you to get your next loan application approved. The help of a mortgage professional might be required here, so as to evaluate your previous loan to find out what you can do to get it approved by another mortgage lender. A mortgage professional should be able to tell you if there is hope of getting a loan or not. If there is hope of succeeding, he should be able to point out some of the things that could lead to a success.


  1. Find another loan lender. The alternative lender should be reputable and genuine, just like your first choice. Take time to understand their requirements so as to be more careful this time around. If possible, work to determine what may cause them deny your application in order to present an application that will succeed this time around.


  1. Prepare the loan package and submit it immediately. Make sure that the package conforms fully to the guidelines of this other loan lender to avoid getting a second denial. If, however you have issues that make it hard for you to submit to the guidelines of most of the mortgage lenders you know about, it is always good to take a break. This should give you time to work things around to ensure that everything is in order before you try applying for a loan again.

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5 Tips to Amplify your Security


There is a point that you will want to ensure that your home is as secure as it can possibly be. This does not mean that you need to install a state of the art system that would leave James Bond in awe. Instead, you can opt for some simple measures, with the help of a professional locksmith, that will elevate your security at an affordable cost. Here are some of the simple things that you can do: –


Do a Security Sweep

Security sweeps are often associated with airports where it is necessary to establish whether anyone is carrying drugs or something prohibited. You can do something similar for your home, by getting in touch with your locksmith and carrying out a security sweep of your own. Your locksmith should have a connection with the local police, to help go through your premises and ensure that you are protected from within and on the outside. Together, they can provide excellent advice on how you can elevate your current security.


Don’t Hide your Locks Away

If you are dealing with a potential burglar or a peeping tom, then having your locks visible is the first step to take to deter them from attempting to break in to your home. The locks that people should be able to see include the locks in your windows as well as your doors. The type of lock that you choose is also important, as locks come in different grades. With the services of an expert locksmith, you will be able to choose the right grade lock for your door. Your locksmith will not only have a quality lock that will keep burglars out, you will also find aesthetically appealing options that keep you secure, and look great as well.


Put in an Alarm

Alarms are designed to make as much noise as possible when someone tries to gain unauthorized access to your premises, and this is the shock factor that will have a burglar running for the hills. There are so many different alarm systems that you can choose from that it helps to have a locksmith available to talk you through all the options. Your local locksmith will have an idea of what is happening with security in your area and will be able to recommend the best system for you. You need the best possible protection within your budget, and your locksmith will give you a lasting and viable solution.


Use Motion Activated Lights

There are numerous areas around your home that are constantly in shadow, and it is in these shadows that you will find criminals like lurking. Therefore, if you want to deter them from this, you should install some motion activated lighting. When a burglar walks into these areas, a bright light will come in, which will make them instantly run for cover, while ensuring that you can also see who is outside your home. In addition to being highly convenient, they are also able to help you save on your power bill, as they only come on when it is necessary.


Keep your Valuables Safe

If you have something highly valuable, such as jewelry and documents, you need to keep them in an excellent place and often times a locked drawer is not enough. For the items that you cherish, have a safe installed in your home. These take a long time to break into, and the average burglar will not waste time breaking into one.


With these five tips, you will find that you can create a secure home that gives you peace of mind. An expert locksmith is just the solution that you need.




Locksmith In Longmont CO

Locksmith Longmont CO

An emergency can occur anytime and its effects can only be minimized by being prepared to face the situation and find a solution to the problem as early as possible when the problem occurs. Keys are so small a device that they can easily be misplaced or lost. If people do not have a spare key with them, it becomes very difficult for them to get the locks of their houses or vehicles opened.


Finding a locksmith in Longmont CO was never this easy. What the person just has to do is to dial our 24×7 active helpline number and our mobile locksmith would reach the spot in minutes to save you from the situation. We operate all 365 days a year including the bank holidays. Our services are easy to avail and low on pockets. We offer a variety of locksmith services like quick unlocking, fast duplicate key making, easy re-keys, swift lock changes, etc.


Whenever you get stuck in a situation, remember to call us and we will be at your service. We have expertise in locking and unlocking car locks, home locks, master locks, safe locks and other wide varieties of locking systems. Our mobile locksmith service can be availed to get any lock opened on the spot at really affordable price. Everyone’s search for a true local locksmith in Longmont CO ends at us.


Our website has a complete list of all the services which can be availed by the local community by just dialing our number. We are a reputable locksmith company and have built a name among the customers on the account of the service quality and pricing of our services. We charge no hidden fees from our clients and all our prices are inclusive of taxes.


We also provide locksmith consultation to our clients in Longmont about the locks that should be used in homes and how often should they be changed to ensure proper safety and security of home and belongings. We are a dependable and affordable locksmith firm and with some of the best locksmith and locking experts, we provide these services with accuracy.


Safety of the house becomes a prime concern for the people who get their locks unlocked by the locksmiths. But it is not the case with us. We have a verified list of mobile locksmith employees and we conduct their counseling from time to time to check whether their conduct is clean or suspicious.  It enables us to prevent the houses from getting unlocked again until and unless the user wants them to. It helps in evaporating the concern of the clients regarding the safety of their house after availing our services.


We fulfill the needs of our clients in a timely manner and collect the customer reviews after their problems are solved and display it on our website to let the people know what our clients think of us. All our mobile locksmiths carry the state of the art equipment and machinery to serve you in the least possible time without any excuse from our side. Our services carry a grace period of three months to help our clients avail our services without any hesitation. Just save our number in your phone and give us a call when you are stuck in such a situation.


Auto-Locksmith Services for Car Keys

Car locksmith

Car keys are amongst the most important keys you carry around today. By virtue of moving around constantly, it is highly likely that at some point you may mislay your car keys, or even lose them all together. That is why there are auto-locksmith services all over the country today. These services can help ensure that you have access to a new set of car keys as soon as you need them. Auto locksmiths also offer repair services for damaged car keys, car ignitions and car door locks.

Wondering when you would need the services of an auto locksmith? All you need to do is pay attention to what can happen to you each day. Here are some scenarios should watch out for: –

  • Replacement of car keys that have been lost, stolen or damaged
  • Replacement of the transponder chip in case the chip is broken or is missing
  • A spare set of car keys for convenience purposes in case you will lose or damage your car keys
  • Car lockout problems
  • Car keys that are stuck in the ignition
  • Keys that are stuck on the car door lock


The role of auto-locksmiths

Most of the auto locksmiths today should be able to deal with at all of the above issues. They should be able to replace your car key for the specific car model that you are driving. They deal with different types of vehicle keys for instance:

  • Transponder keys that have been programmed to a specific car
  • Remote car keys or electronic chips or key Fobs, most of which have to be programmed
  • Van keys
  • Car keys of all types
  • Bus keys
  • Standard car keys for vehicles that do not have remote central locking system
  • Motorcycle and motorbike keys
  • Caravan keys
  • Truck keys

Other than car keys, auto locksmiths also help with car accessories for different types of vehicles, for instance steering locks, roof racks among others.

Auto Locksmith

How do they make car keys?

Today, locksmiths do not require authorization in order to make a copy of car keys. They use a very easy mechanical process that is fast and reliable in getting you the right type of car key you are in need of. Auto locksmiths walk with different types of blank keys that can be used fast enough in case of an emergency.

With the blank key, a profiling machine is used to gauge the individual key profile of the original key, which is then cut onto the blank key. This key duplicate can then be used to unlock your car door or trunk, just like the original key.

If you are in need of a car key programming service, an auto locksmith today should be able to help repair any type of remote key fob in case of  a broken or damaged car key’s remote. He can also provide a replacement remote fob or a transponder key as fast as you need it.  They offer emergency service too, even by the road side in case you need your car key programed or the remote key fob repaired urgently.

Most modern cars are furnished with an ignition immobilizer, which requires a transponder chip in the key in order for it to work. What happens when you turn the key into the ignition is that its antenna sends a message and expects a response from a responder chip, which allows the door to open. Auto locksmiths do not always have these chips and car owners might have to get such chips from their car manufacturers. These chips are designed in such a manner that they fit to specific cars. Even with a newly replaced key, you might not be able to start car without the transponder chip, which is why the involvement of the car manufacturer is necessary.

There are those car keys that use a remote control to power their car locks. These types of car keys also have to fit your exact car. If you are using such a car, you will need a sender module, which has to be hard coded to your car for the replaced car key to work. This too has to involve your car manufacturer but the car key can easily be gotten from a good auto-locksmith.

Car manufacturers these day are not making copying of car keys an easy thing, mainly for security purposes. That is why it might cost you a good amount of money to get a new set of car keys. However, working with an experienced auto locksmith can help so much because he will advise you on what needs to be done for you to get a new set of car keys that can serve you just like the original.

It is always important to work with an approved auto locksmith, who as been thoroughly vetted and given the certification to show that he is reliable and trustworthy to avoid dealing with scammers.


Locksmith tools and equipment

Traditionally, a locksmith mainly worked with a hammer, a screwdriver and nails, and a wrench. In modern times, locksmiths have gone digital, and they even have access to electrical or magnetic equipment, and a range of other tools to get the job done. Creating a toolkit for a locksmith is a journey that could take several years to complete. There are some basics though that can form the outline of the eventual kit.

These starter locksmith kit tools and equipment include: –

  1. A Pair of Tweezer Grooved at the end.

These are great for picking up small items, including little nails or screws. They are also very useful for rekeying locks.


  1. A Follower

This is also a critical item that you need for rekeying purposes. It helps you pull the locks apart properly. Make sure that you keep more than one in your kit, especially as they come in different sizes.


  1. An End Cap Removal Tool

This is a useful tool when you need to take the end caps out of a range of locks, including the dead bolts. It often has two ends, with each end being used for a different type of lock.


  1. The Cylinder Removal Tool

This tool is critical for rekeying locks. It is often sold under a range of brand names.


  1. Key Gauge

This is a tool that helps you figure out the combinations for individual locks. It is referred to often when creating a new key.


  1. Shims

These little tools come in very handy. You can use them to disassemble a lock without having to break the lock.


  1. Pick Set

You need to keep a basic pick set that has a variety of picks for you to choose from. They should include a diamond pick, a rake pick, and a hook pick.  Your pick set will also include some tension wrenches. For a starter kit, there should be one flexible wrench, and one firm one.


  1. Pin Kit

These are vital for rekeying. Having one kit is enough for rekeying up to 90% of the available locks on the market.




How to Prevent Lock Snapping


As a resident of Las Vegas, you are probably aware that one of the most common crimes in the city is burglary. What you probably do not know is that one of the most common ways to gain entry to your home is by lock snapping.

Lock snapping is a technique that has become extremely common in Las Vegas and involves snapping a lock in two using brute force to gain access to the locking mechanism beneath. Once the locking mechanism is breached, unlocking the door becomes easy and is usually achieved in a few seconds.

The general tools of the trade for lock snapping are a hammer and screwdriver, and locks most vulnerable to lock snapping are those fitted with a Euro profile cylinder (e.g. all UPVC doors installed in residences built in the last 15 years)

Though lock snapping is becoming an easy and attractive way to break into people’s homes, there are a couple of ways to prevent it. One of the best ways to do so would be to ask your Las Vegas locksmith to examine the locks on your doors, especially your exterior doors to find out what kind of locks they are. If you have Euro profile locks that are more than two years old, it puts you at a higher risk.

Ask your Las Vegas locksmith about Anti-snap cylinder locks, and which ones would be best for your home. Anti-snap cylinder locks are locks that have been designed so that they are harder to break. Even if they do snap, they are designed to snap in the front section only in such a way that they lock out the prospective burglar while still letting you use the key to open the lock. They also have special bars that flex rather than snap when put under pressure. Most come with added security enhancements such as anti-bump, anti-screw and anti-drill protection.

The best way to prevent lock snapping is simple. Head down to your local Las Vegas locksmith and talk to them about your options in the matter.  Remember, you can also boost security by pairing your anti-snap lock with other door furniture like high-security door handles.


What your Las Vegas Locksmith should provide

Locksmith Las vegas

Utilizing the very best merchandise and remaining current with industry trends keep ASAP Locksmith Services ahead of the competition in the locksmith market.  Work opportunities which require a high skill level of finish, like commercial or industrial projects, need to be accomplished be only skilled locksmiths like our Las Vegas Locksmith.

  1. High-Security Cylinder Locks

At ASAP Locksmith, we can provide lock repair, fresh installation of cylinder locks, lock re-keys, cylinder rim lock changes and more.

  1. Mail-Box Locks

Got a problem with your mailbox locks at your business? We provide locksmith services and mailbox lock re-keys, lock repairs, and mailbox lock changes.

  1. Lock Re-keys

We will come when you need a re-key for your commercial business.  When an employee suddenly leaves on bad terms you can’t take chances with your businesses information.  A lock re-key is a simple and more affordable option to changing all the locks in your office.  Whenever moving offices or homes it is important to know exactly who can access your doors.  Call to get your commercial lock re-key started today!

  1. Safe Repair and Installation

When your safe begins to malfunction or you lose the code and can’t open it, you will want to use an ASAP Locksmith to come open it for you.

  1. Desk Locks

When your desk locks and can’t find the keys, we can help! We do not need keys to make new ones for your desk, and can re-key the locks of many desks to be opened with the same key for easy use.

  1. Window Security Bars

These are necessary for many retail shops that have windows on the outside of the building.  We can help install or repair your existing security bars anywhere in the Las Vegas area.

  1. Key-Less Access

Keyless access locks and push button systems are the wave of the future in security technology.  The ability to not use keys makes entry into a business easier and more secure.

Our Locksmiths are capable of accomplishing business lockouts, fixing gate locks, and carrying out lock re-keys in addition to a host of other jobs.